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Covid – 19 has changed many ways of teaching. The outcome of these new online teaching methods has come at the cost of quality of education. Most of the school and colleges faculty is not comfortable delivering their concepts online through zoom or ms teams to students.

University students have more mature mentality level and are serious when it come to their future. However school students are not able to cope with this current situation. They are not able to understand their topics through online classes, more often they skip their classes. These teenagers open the laptop or mobile for lectures but mostly end up playing games and parents think that their children are taking online classes. These Teaching methods have abruptly changed a healthy routine for students.

In this critical situation Scholars moves forward to help students to get regularize with this system and achieve good grades. Scholars Tutor provides home and online tutors which are experienced, professional, hard-working at a very suitable range. Because we as Education specialist take responsibility of out tutors and our students future performance.

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